September 27th - October 1st, 2021
Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kanazawa, Japan

Call for Papers

Researchers from universities, industry, and government agencies are invited to contribute papers on research and applications for active safety.

Please use these forms to prepare your abstract or proposal.

Deadline for Scientific Paper Abstract February 19, 2021
March 31, 2021 (extended)
Deadline for Industrial/Technical Paper Abstract
Deadline for Organized Session Proposal April 30, 2021
Deadline for Final Manuscript June 30, 2021
July 16, 2021 (extended)

Submit Scientific Paper & Industrial/Technical Paper

Please click the link button above to submit your scientific paper or industrial/technical paper. For organized session proposal, please submit by sending email to


Prospective authors intending to present their research at FAST-zero ’21 symposium should select one of three following categories for paper submission.

a. Scientific paper

Scientific paper is the traditional style of FAST-zero symposia proceedings, containing minimum 4-page paper (up to 6 pages) for final submission. For authors who wish to publish their research works in international peer-reviewed journals, we recommend the authors submit the revised manuscripts to “International Journal of Automotive Engineering (IJAE)” published by JSAE. The peer review process will be conducted after the symposium.

b. Industrial/Technical paper

Industrial/Technical paper requires less technical details than Scientific paper to lighten the workload in preparing the manuscripts for industrial engineers. Typically, 2-page paper (up to 3 pages) is required for final submission.

c. Invited presentation (Organized Session)

This category is opened for organizers of research projects related to symposium topics. Prospective organizers should indicate the session description (approx. 100 words). The speakers will present at the symposium without requiring paper submission.

Please fill out this proposal form (MS Word) and submit it by email to

Symposium Topics

1. On-Board Sensing Active Safety System

  • Autonomous Driving Technology & Driver Assistance Systems
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control
  • Vehicular Sensors and Environment Perception

2. Communication-Based Active Safety System

  • Connected Vehicles & Cooperative Driver Assistance System
  • ITS and ICT for Safety Applications

3. Driver Characteristics and Human Factor

  • Driver Monitoring
  • Driver Behavior Modeling
  • Driver Assessment and Training
  • Cooperation between Driver and Assistance Systems
  • Human Machine Interface

4. Active Safety Testing Method and Assessment

  • Safety Impact Assessment of Active Safety Devices
  • Driving Simulator
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Field Operational Test

5. Other Related Topics on Active Safety

Requirements for Extended Abstracts

  • Scientific Paper: Maximum 2x A4 page, including figures and tables, approximately 1,000 words
    Industrial/Technical Paper: Maximum 1x A4 page, including figures and tables, approximately 500 words
  • Official language: English
  • Papers should be original and should not have been presented elsewhere

The following headings must be included in the Extended Abstract

  • Title of Paper
  • Name of Author(s)
  • Affiliation(s)
  • Symposium topic(s) to which the paper belongs (up to 3 topics)
  • Abstract (Scientific Paper: approx 1,000 words, including figures and tables, Industrial Paper: approx 500 words, including figures and tables)
  • Conclusion
  • Corresponding Author
    • Name
    • Affiliation
    • Complete Mailing Address
    • E-mail Address
    • Telephone Number / Fax Number
    Template for Scientific Paper & Industrial/Technical Paper (MS Word)
    Please use this form to prepare your abstract.

For any inquiries about abstract/paper submission, please contact:

FAST-zero '21 Paper Submission Office
c/o JTB Communication Design, Inc.
Celestine Shiba Mitsui Bldg. 3-23-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8335, Japan